300,000 Graduate To Be Employed - N-power Programme


The federal Government has promised to employ 300,000 graduate.
Lai mohammed minister of information, culture and tourism
said graduate will be employed through the ext phase of N-power volunteer pro gramme.
He also said N500 billion has been initiated in the 2017 budget to aid sustain
a social intervention plan proposed by the Federal Government.

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On tuesday Lai mohammed in Abuja said the government is committed to tackling youth employment in Nigeria.
he added "we did not create today's hardship, but we have resolved to end it and make life more abundant for our people. All we 
ask is your undiluted support.
He also said that over one million Nigerians are currently willing to access loans between N200,000 and N100,000.

he said many more. read here

This is not the first time these kind of hope giving statement have bee made by politicians. So many have been said yet none have ever been a success.
I do not believe such sugar coated promises. Made by this money thirsty politicians that will never be patriotic. They all have lies in their mouth. Look at 
the youth empowerment in state today, it is not in existence anymore or the resources is been squandered. 
Tomorrow you might see another politician contesting for presidential. Nothing wrong with that, 
but it is a means of either recovering money spent in the N-power programme or causing more problem and scandal in the country.

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My Critics

Ok Lai mohammed said "we did not create today's hardship". You can see the extent this politicians have gone in covering up their Sins. Which group of people squander national 
Which group of people are highest paid in Nigeria and are never owed even their allowances?
Nigeria will change one day and i Know that, but first Nigerian politicians should start with telling themselves the truth. They caused the turmoil in Nigeria today.
I would not be surprise if it turns that either Boko Haram or Militant is sponsored by A Nigerian politician. 
Because who else in Nigeria can gather such amount of money to run a Terrorist organisation. if not an influential popular wealthy individual. and this description suits Nigerian Politicians

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