Technology has taken over a lot, most people don't see the essence in human brain anymore,
Funny isn't it, but they forget that those technology advancement were invented by the big smart brains.

For that smart brain one should at least read a magazine, newspaper, e book at least once daily.
Here are the benefit of daily reading.

Brain Food

Reading is one of the ways we get intangible facts into our brain, take minute and imagine
what happens when you don't eat for a whole day, you'll feel hate weak and near fatigue. 
That the same way our brain feels when we don't give it something to assimilate. 
Also daily reading helps keep human brain active even at old age, cause it doesn't get tired of assimilating.
Daily reading will slow  down Alzheimer’s and Dementia,
and also keep you healthy.
A healthy brain is a healthy body.

Active Mind

Your boss comes around and gives you a pile of boxes to review, immediately after doing that he calls you to sort out his 
scattered document and do some filing.
Nobody likes stress, 
but if you are the daily reading type you'll easily get through, because
You've kept your brain in an active mode at least by reading daily,
i am not encouraging multi-task, the same time i don't discourage it.
Reading is the only exercise you have for your Brain and mind.
Someone with just a good physique can't handle all that work, 
But someone with a  coordinated brain and active mind can scale through without stress.
So to possess that active mind you need to read daily.
Only a reader will at the end smile like the man in the picture.

Increased Focus and Concentration

That moment you are in an executive meeting that seem very boring to you, then a question is thrown at you.
You'll be like  "I've got nothing to say'.
You could get fired just because of that comment.
Daily reading helps your brain master the act of focus. Simply By reading daily you develop your brain into a piece of awesome understanding machine.
cause while you are reading all of your senses are all devoted in one thing, giving you total concentration.
So the next time you are in a gathering and a question is asked you'll not just end up answering the questions, you answer would be used as a reference point.
For that student that end up getting low grade at the end of the session, why, because he or she sleeps during that his Boring tagged teacher.
Try reading something, it might not be your school books, even reading a comic helps a whole lot, but people seems to see that as a waste of time.
Young people tend to understand and retain pictorial books, thats the reason, they quickly grab pornographies.

Memory boost

Having a good memory is not just all about being able to remember what happened in 1992.
Although thats one of the qualities of a good memory(retentiveness).
But having a good memory is about Retentive memory and Quick understanding(grab).
Imagine someone that needs to be told the definition of a word hundred times, before he or she would retain the meaning of that word
or someone that is told the capital of Nigeria today , he gets it but forgets it tomorrow.
Daily reading helps you balance both retentiveness and understanding quickly. How?
You don't read the next chapter of a book without understanding the previous one.
and you can't continue reading a book the next day without remembering the name of characters.
So when you read daily you improve your brain in both ways.

Stress Reduction

When you are stressed up and you pick up a book to read, while you are reading.
you get that relaxed sensation and our brain and sense organs will do away with those things that causes stress like pondering on your problem.
though those problem don't go away.Okay which one would you prefer taking alcohol that could damage your lungs 
or reading an e- book that you'll eventually learn from.

Source of Knowledge

Aside facial, voice, physical differences one other thing differs in human - knowledge.
Books have served as a source of Educational facts, Entertainment, political ideas, inspiration and a much more.
and whatever you read fills you with more information that you never know when it will come handy.
A student with a low grade would definitely top the chart by daily reading 100% proven.
so why don't you read daily. You'll be missing a lot of knowledge when you don't read a book daily even a comic book.
now this is where a lot of people get it wrong about reading comics, because they feel nothing is gained.
But hey, a whole lot is achieved. 
Someone that reads comic daily will remember everything that happened before picking up that comic book,
while reading the comic book i.e the comic book itself and after reading the comic book.
Besides comic reading is fun, who will deny that and education should be a FUNdaMENTAL thing i.e Fun and Mental.
In all you could lose everything but except one thing - Knowledge.

Now you can get an interesting e-book below and make daily reading a habit.

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