When it comes to the use of social media, Nigerians have taken to it, like fish to water. Their status updates are range from mundane things, such as a visit to gym, to outrageous
unbelievable things. Here are some of the most funny and outrageous things we have ever seen on Nigerian Facebook: 

Then this man’s half nude photo made headlines. His caption was hilarious too. 

i mean this is out of this world

This young lady attended a burial and this was the Facebook post she made afterwards:

The recession has obviously affected this man badly enough to post this on Facebook. This is what a young man posted on Facebook for reasons known only to him

Then we have this young girl who came on Facebook to brag about her weed smoking prowess  

The ability of Nigerians to shock was shown by this post in a Facebook group.

Then a proud father showed off his new baby and more. Why the tender baby na.

Then this medical practitioner shared something scary .

This young man went viral when he posted this weird picture. big time fool he is.

Then this young lady posted something real weird. 

We Have weird people in nigeria oo.ranging from young to old - from boy to girl - from man to woman.


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