Four Killer Words You Should Not Say To A Lady

Women are the most emotionally affected of both gender, for this they easily get heart breaks when a relationship goes bad -though they are the perusing ones.

Hurting their emotions can go a long way in affecting there everyday life educationally, socially, family life and even mentally etc.You should not beat a woman instead there are certain words you can tell her and she will feel hit by a tsunami,This is because women are more sensitive to negative expressions than men.
Their emotional trauma can last for a year

These words should not be used on any woman to avoid causing serious trauma on a woman


like seriously, the pride of every woman is her baby. Though she would go through hell to born a baby, you should never call her impotent - the moment you call a newly married or single woman impotent.
you stir up a wave of worry in her mind - am i truly impotent - is that what is stopping me from having a baby - will a have my own baby and many more.
When this thoughts spring up, she would definitely loose focus on everything in life.


I remember a story of two girls that were called monsters in school and how their educational life was ruined.
They just could not cope with studies anymore.
The felt under-classed and demoralized the moment a guy called them ugly monsters of the west. It was quite funny for everyone in class, except for the two victims.
The word ugly hurts females like a hot rod on their heart. A girl could keep herself in a deep sea of worry looking for how to get to attractive, the one random guy comes by and define her ugly.
Oh she will prefer death, trust me.


I would beat you up if you call my sister a slut. I mean you can kill her just by saying that.
A woman hates being tagged as a public sex partner.
When you call a woman who is not a slut a slut - you are out for a serious combat.
And even after the combat, the woman will go back and ponder on that which you called her.
She will try to remember if in anyway she acted like a slut or even hung out with a slut.
At times she would not react at first, but she will later feel bad for someone calling her a whore.
You should not even call a slut a slut.


This might sound funny but a woman will get hurt when you tell her she is a bad cook - though she might not show it.
A woman find delight and joy when she is told that her meals taste great and delicious.
So imagine what could happen when you tell her the opposite - even if you have not tasted her food before.
She would begin to wonder, "Do i cook horrible foods?". "Do my husband really enjoy my food or is he pretending to enjoy my food?".
She begins to kill important thoughts with the fact someone told her she is a bad cook.


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