You may have noticed, in a windows operating system,
you are stock with that default windows 10 logo at windows login background.

Microsoft feel too proud of their windows 10 logo that they wont't let you change the login  background.
but i'll show easy tricks on how to change the login background image.
This method has proven to be working 100% refer to the images below,but do at your own risk.
you can download the files here

Now let's dive in 
After you've downloaded the files

open it up wherever you downloaded it to

1.Find the GUI folder
open it up

2.Find the W10 Logon BG.exe and launch it.
Thats our tool for this trick

it runs with administrative rights, make sure you're logged in as administrator,
if not request for administrative rights

3.Then on the right bar where you see edit background
click on the browse icon. find any picture of yours and press enter to select
i recommend a high resolution picture.
you can get some here for free
or you can use the picture in the recommended images folder of your download.

you can do some basic picture formatting like scaling and pixelating
that's not necessary for now. 
Just get a picture that will spread all over your screen

5.After that (selecting a picture) click on apply changes 
that's all  

If you choose to go back to the stock login background,
after step 2 click 
restore defaults and you will get the stock background already.


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